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Collecting art for a summer house, under $5000.

Your signature style is evident in everything you do.  Your vacation house is a place be expressive and light-hearted.   It is an opportunity cast aside formalities and shed the seriousness of urban living.  From the dinner ware and beach chairs that you select to the guest bedding, each choice sets a mood for your home.

What is on your walls?  Make your “happy place” truly memorable with art.

Eve Stockton, Seascape (blue green), wood cut on paper, 36 x 36 inches, $3000.

When I stand on the deck of our lake house in the evening and admire what we have built, I love to see the paintings and drawings on the walls of the glowing interior.   Regardless of how many beach towels are draped over the railings, or how many pairs of flip-flops are tossed by the door, the paintings are a fixed part of our transitional summer lives.  And they matter to each of us.  Each family member has favorites, and we talk about why and what we love about our collection.  A rainy day on the couch wouldn’t be the same without the beauty and color of our causally  curated walls.  What a pleasure it is have time to contemplate our surroundings without the distraction of the technology.

Here are some of my favorite choices from our gallery artists;  each under $5000 and perfect for a summer-house!

Works on paper make an especially good choice for a vacation home.  They are easily shipped; rolled up and sent to your local framer to be fitted with UV protected glass and a simple frame.

Eve Stockton, Bloom, woodcut on paper, 36 x 36 inches, $2800 (unframed)

Molly McCracken-Kumar, Sanguine Destiny, acrylic on canvas, 42 x 50 inches, $4200.

Waddy Armstrong, Untitled, woodblock print on paper, 38 x 41 inches, $1500. (unframed)

Waddy Armstrong, Untitled, wood block print on paper, 38 x 41 inches, $1500. (unframed)

Deborah Weiss, Slipstream, unique relief print, 22 x 40 inches, $2200. (unframed)

Daniel Pailes-Friedman, Circles 18, oil on canvas, $4000.


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